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Project: Virtual Learning School Digital Education platform?

The Virtual Learning School is a project that raises the "construction of knowledge" by creating digital content, gathered in 'digital books' with the participation of students and teachers from different regions reflecting thoughts, ideas and research from different angles, customs and cultures.

Using as a strategy the interaction between groups of students from different urban and rural regions of Bolivia through the internet. (Pilot in 2014)

In order to concentrate, motivate and facilitate the participation of students, an investigation is developed in a virtual classroom; an 'educational platform that provides a space guided by the teacher for the research and development of works on topics that conform to the national curriculum.



Project: e-government

Project Access to Information and transparency through Electronic Government (2011) in the department of Potosí, which is financed by the IFAP-UNESCO program.


UNESCO presented the first results of IFAP project Transparency, Access to Information and Accountability in the Andean Region to key local counterparts in La Paz and Potosí (Bolivia). 10 and 12 August


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